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Going Wireless

Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbuds hanging on my neck after a run. Looking focused running with my earbuds.Running with Bose earbuds and a smile.

Can I tell you I am obsessed with my wireless headphones! ❤️

I have the Bose Soundsport Earbuds.

For many years I’ve used the regular headphones that came with my iPhone and I was fine with them. The wire connecting my headphones from my head, down to my phone did not bother me.

When I was using my phones while running I would plug the headphones into my phone and place my phone in my arm running band. Then I would run the wire under my running clothes and make sure the ear pieces where comfortably places in my ears. Then I was off to the races. 😊

Recently I had seen many people with the Apple AirPods. I thought it might be nice to have wireless earbuds and not worry about running wires under my clothes anymore. Although I did have some reservations:

  1. I have small ear canals and sometimes the earbuds hurt my ears.
  2. Earbuds fall out of my ears frequently.
  3. I was afraid I would loose wireless earbuds since they are pretty small.

So for a long time I convinced myself I can only the regular iPhone earbuds that came with my phone. Well fortunately my family talked me into trying wireless ones.  They had researched them, took me to BestBuy, showed me the Bose Soundsports and bought them.

I was so apprehensive I asked The sales person, “if I don’t like this a can bring them back right?” The sales person said “yes”. The next day I took them for a test run, literally. It took me a few minutes to adjust to the way the fit and felt in my ears but after that I was hooked!

  1. No more running wire up my shirt or having to shift the wire out of my way when I’m running.
  2.  The earbuds have a wire that connects them so when I want to take them out they hang nicely around my neck.
  3. It was very easy to sync to my phone and other devices.
  4. The wire do not tangled easily.
  5. They are very easy to charge and keep a charge for a good amount of time.
  6. There is a microphone, so you can use them to talk.
  7. There are also start/stop and volume buttons.
  8. Most of all… they have not fallen out of my ears.
  9. They come with a nice carrying case.

I can’t say enough about these earbuds. I’m extremely happy with them and use them all the time (not just when I’m running).