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casual outfit
One “out of the door look” is good.  Two “out of door looks” are better!

It is amazing how much athletic gear on the market these days.  I love finding versatile pieces that can worn to work, even a night out on the town.  This is one of the casual look that I wore to work.  Later that day I went to the gym and didn’t have to change my clothes.  Being able to wear one outfit to work and then to the gym is a game charger!  No more packing separate workout clothes in a gym bag.  I get in and out of the gym so much faster now, saving time not changing clothes.

I was so frustrated with the extra bag and having to change my entire outfit to make it to a group workout class on time.  Guess what, I didn’t make it on time.  After being late for two classes in one week I thought there has to be a better way.  Well this is it!  I’ve saved time not changing my whole outfit, saved money on incorporating activewear into my everyday casual wear.  Saved on the amount of laundry to wash having fewer outfit changes in one day.  Try it, you’ll look at activewear in a whole new light, it is more than “athleisure”.

Casual Outfit:

Helpful tip: this was actually my boyfriend’s sweater.

Boyfriend Sweater / T-Shirt / Sports Bra / Stellar Crop Pants / APL Shoes

Gym Outfit:

Simply took off my sweater and I’m ready to workout.

T-Shirt / Sports Bra / Stellar Crop Pants / APL Shoes

gym outfit