1. running on a sunny morning

Do you want to workout but have limited time or money?  I have a solution that makes sense.

Clothing can be expensive, workout clothing can be an added cost that seems impossible to have.  Then you must find the time to change from your regular clothes into workout clothes and actually workout.  This whole process can be more time consuming and frustrating at the end of the day.  Trust me I’ve been there: I pack a gym bag, went to work, changed into my gym clothes, ran late leaving work, rushing to cycling class and was late so I could not participate.  This happened twice in one week.  It was a very defeating feeling to put in all that effort  just to not make the class.  I thought there has to be something I can do better.  That is when I started coming up with ways to incorporate activewear into day to day life seamlessly.  It is possible to be comfortable, fashionable and professional wearing your day to day clothing mixed with activewear.

There are so many benefits to this:

  1. Make the most your clothing
  2. Save you money
  3. Be confident and comfortable
  4. Maximize your time

Stick with me, I’ll show you how.