Past Runs

First 12k Run

I ran my first 12k Run (7.46 miles).  Normally the runs I have completed are 10k or half marathon.  I have also ran 5k and full marathons, I prefer 10k and half marathon.  This was my first race pushing a stroller.  Bob’s Jogging stroller worked great.  I loved having my munchkin with me but it was more work and I definitely felt the difference especially when going up hills.

Run Rocklin was a nicely planned event.  At the start/finish line there were so many vendors from the area.  Vendors ranged from running gear to catering and everything in between.  Many food  vendors offered free samples which was a plus.

Most importantly this annual sponsors The Matt Redding Foundation. This run is all about community and giving back.  The run route goes through a residential area in Rocklin.  Residents along the route were outside greeting and cheering on the runners as we went by.  I enjoyed running through the neighborhood with my little one and my friend, Tanya (the one who talked me in running a marathon in the past. ?)

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