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Raise your hand if you love Disney.

I have completed half marathons at Disneyland and Disney World.  All of them have been truly memorable experiences.  It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to run on the street and through the theme parks in Anaheim and Florida.  If you have never done a runDisney event I highly recommended putting they on your bucket list.

Disney run events are magical.  Some runners are dressed in costumes.  The Disney staff are spread around the parks cheering you on as you run by. There are Disney characters stationed at certain points in the theme park for you to take photos with.  I would like to stop and take photos with the characters, but I never have.  As soon as the run starts the competitor in me is says “go, go, go and don’t stop until you reach the finish line”. ?

Unfortunately there are no runDisney events to register for at Disneyland in Anaheim.  Disneyland is currently constructing a 14-acre Star Wars Land: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, and development around the resort.  This construction would affect future races since runners traverse a course in and around the Disneyland Resort, therefore no races will be physically at the Disneyland, California Adventure and the surrounding park area until construction concludes.

All is not lost, runDisney has come with virtual runs events. I completed my first virtual run. The Virtual Running Shorts is a series of runs to honor “The Incredibles 2” movie. The series includes three short 5k runs. The first run was in June, the second in July and the third in August. If you register for the series and complete it you would receive Incredibles themed medals for each run in addition to a medal for completing the Shorts Run Series.

I registered too late to complete the series.  I am still going to complete the July and August runs.  I completed the July run on on early Sunday morning in my neighborhood.  These runs are my opportunity to push myself.  I completed this 5k in 26:21 at an average pace of 8’27”.  This was a very good time but I can do better and will in August.

Part of doing a virtual run is keeping track of your time.  I used the Nike+ Run app.  I use this app for all my runs since 2012.  I entered my time at the designated website.  A certificate for  finishing the July virtual run.  There is a picture of the Incredibles that I’m waiting to receive in the mail.  Disney medals are top notch, I’m eagerly waiting to hold it in my hands.

RunDisney events are pricey so if you want to take part without the extra experience for physically running at Disneyland (those runs are more expensive) along with other travel experiences I recommend these virtual runs. The August Virtual Running Shorts 5k is $40.  If you are looking for a bigger challenge runDisney as the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon coming soon.  Let’s go running!

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