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Giving Thanks & Giving Back

Happy Thanksgiving to all on not so bright and early Thanksgiving morning I was at Sacramento State University gearing up for the 25th Annual Run To Feed The Hungry with tens of thousands of people eager to run/walk for charity instead of sleeping in on the holiday (I relish sleeping in just as much as the next person).

I have been participating in the run for the past few years. It’s normally very chilly in the morning and luckily no rain. I was bundled up. The run is schedule for rain or shine (I only do shine).

There was a little concern it would rain on Thanksgiving, it rained pretty constantly the day before. I had it in my mind if I woke up Thanksgiving morning and it was raining I was going back to bed. There was no way I wanted to subject myself and family to inclement weather.

Well, I woke up at 5:00am and looked out the window, no rain. It was settled we were going, there was no getting back in bed. I got everything together (running gear, jogging stroller, weather shield and all). There was a little mist in the air but nothing big enough to justify not going to the run.

Waiting for run to start with my little love.

This one of the biggest Thanksgiving runs in the country if not the biggest.

In 2017 there was over 29,000 runners. In all honesty it really is a great feeling to be together with so many people for a good cause. This is a family friendly event, strollers are welcomed. There was an option to run/walk a 5k or 10k with a timed or not timed bid. Due to the fact there were so many runners (families, strollers, etc.) we don’t worry about our time, this run was just for fun.

The morning cold and dreary weather gave way to blue skies and sunshine, so much so I shed my cold weather gear half way through the 10k = 6.2 miles. I was feeling fabulous in a tank top in the middle of November! Getting a workout before enjoying a Thanksgiving feast and soaking up the sun is a win win in my book.

Right after finishing the 10k

It’s never easy getting up so early on a holiday to run with tens of thousands of other people which means traffic, busy parking lots and big crowds. The big picture this was for a good cause that directly helps with funds raised that will help the community in need by providing free emergency goods, services including food, diapers, clothing, mentoring, education and hope.  After finishing I’m always glad I did it and have the whole rest of the day to celebrate and relax with friends and family. So next year find a Thanksgiving Day run in your area, add it to your Thanksgiving day traditions, it will make you feel good! ?

Give thanks,



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