Knocked Down, Not Out

Throat coat tea

Tis the cold and flu season.  

One day I’m feeling festive, putting up Christmas decorations looking forward to upcoming holiday events and parties.  The next day I’m feeling a little run down but still functioning.   I quickly started to get worse.  With a sore throat and constant headache and back ache, it was time to see the doctor.  (Not to mention my little love was diagnosed with pneumonia.) Because of my sore throat I was given a strep test ?.   Luckily that test was negative and my lungs were clear, I was told it was just a virus that would take its course.  

Little did I know this virus was just in the beginning stage.  My sore throat and ability to speak clearly got worse.  My voice so horse and raspy it was better not to talk, eat or drink.  All I wanted to do was sleep but I also had to take care of my sick little love.  

It was so difficult to get my sick child feed so he could take his medicine, keep myself feed and take my own medicine.  We were both sleeping a lot.  Obviously from the photo below he caught me while I was sleeping. 

While sleeping on the couch, my son put a paper book on my face.

In the beginning Tylenol nor Advil relieved my pain. Gargling with salt water, eating a popsicle or drinking Throat Coat tea offered me temporary relief. Mucinex helped break up the mucus and congestion. Good old NyQuil helped me get restful sleep.  After so many days of struggling on the 5th day of the virus I woke up feeling better. 

The worst was over and I was on the mend.  I’m still not 100% but able to start functioning again.  This virus really threw me for a loop. It will take a while for me to get my strength back but that’s to be expected. 

Unfortunately I did miss a ride on the Polar Express ? with my family.  I also miss an epic birthday bash ? for a dear friend.  Hey, life happens and everyone understood.  My first priority was to take care of my little munchkin and myself.  Its been over a week since we were knocked down but we will be back better than ever running, laughing and playing again.