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Easy Meals

I know you can relate, making healthy meals at home can be challenging.  I want to eat well and provide healthy meals for my family.  I love to cook but don’t have much time during the week.  There are so many times I just want to call Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Chang and order food for curbside pick-up.  It is convenient but not practical on a daily basis.  The alternative was to find meals I can make in minutes at home with very little to no meal prep.

I have found some easy ways to make healthy meals that can be put together in minutes. These are items I keep in my refrigerator and freezer to be prepared to make healthy meals on the fly.  There are a variety of supermarkets I frequent such as: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Nugget and Bel-Air to name a few depending on what I’m buying.

Here is the rundown on what I pair to make my favorite meal creations.
Taco Salad:

I will make variations of this depending on what I have on hand.  Sometimes I just have half a tortilla with ground turkey, pico de gallo, avocado and drizzle with hot sauce.

Taco Salad
Caesar Salad with Salmon:
  • Bag of Caesar salad mix (I did not use the croutons)
  • Precooked salmon I picked up at Whole Foods

No cooking required, just plate and enjoy!

Caesar Salad with Salmon
Caesar Salad with Salmon
Penne Pasta:

This is one of my favorite finds from Trader Joes!  Dinner is served in 15 minutes.

Penne Pasta with chicken sausage on a bed of fresh spinach.
















These three recipes are some of my best go to meals during the week.  Simply shop for the items in advance and have at home to prepare quickly.  I have tried meal prepping and cooking meals for the week but sometimes things come up and dinner plans changes.  The food that was supposed to be eaten that night didn’t get eaten.  We went out eat or had dinner with family or friends.  Then when I got home with our leftover and see the meal prepped food sitting in the refrigerator, I think how am I supposed to all this food before it goes bad.  That is no a good feeling, this way I am making a meal that night and eating it fresh.  Sometimes there are leftovers for the next night, it all depends how many people are eating dinner that night.  Usually the penne pasta is pretty much gone that night and the same with the salad.  The tacos salad is usually dinner for two nights.  These meals pretty much get me through the work week and still give me flexibility to have other options last minute without feeling guilty or wasteful.