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Winter Workouts

Do you loss motivation in the winter? Trying to stay motivated and be active during winter time can be a challenge.  If you don’t live where it’s 70 degrees and sunny year round, the cold 45 degree or colder weather will having you wanting to stay cozy on the couch in front of the fireplace like I do.  There are those people I call “beasts” because they go out and get it done in any weather, I am not one of those people.

My weekend running has been hampered by an abundance of cold weather with continuous raining for days at a time compiled with heavy winds.  That is the perfect recipe to stay inside.  I have used my elliptical machine a few times but still long to run outside.  Although there is no way I’m running in those elements.

If it’s raining, I’m not running!  I take that back, I did run in the rain.

After over a month of no running outside I could not wait for a break in the weather to get out there.  I woke up on a Saturday morning and saw my chance (or so I thought).  By time I was dressed and ready to go it had started to sprinkle.  There was no turning back now, I was ready to go.  So against what I always say (I’m not running in the rain) I went for it.  It was just a little sprinkle I figured, well that quickly led to rain, just rain not a storm so I decided to run it out.

Thankfully the rain only lasted for the first 2 miles.  The 3 miles after that were just fine, I’m glad I stuck it out.  After running 5 miles I returned home to take off my wet clothes and shoes.  This was a mini accomplishment that I was proud of.  I don’t believe I will be making a habit of running in the rain by pushing pass my comfort zone can be a good thing.  What could you push yourself to do?

Playground time for the kids is workout time for mom.

Take advantage of the time you have is an understatement when you’re a parent.  I have become accustomed to fit in activities whenever I can, like get a two for one deal.  The whole family can benefit from a little time at the playground.  While my little one is running around playing I take the opportunity to do a quick workout.  Nothing crazy, still got to keep an eye on the kiddo.  My go exercises are squats, lunges, high knees, and jumping jacks.  No equipment needed for any of these exercises.  If there are steps of some kind on the play structure I’ll do step-ups or box jumps.  If there is a bar on the structure I can do pull-ups.

At first I was a little shy about working out at the park, I didn’t want people looking at me.  I got over that fear because my desire to feel good depended on working out.  Therefore, I need to take the opportunity to do so when it comes.  And honestly I have not seen anyone looking at me funny or starring.  If someone wanted to join in on the fun that would be awesome.

Breaks in the weather are made for walking.

Just getting out for a walk and some fresh air is all we need.  Bundling us up and heading out to stretch my legs and enjoy the day with my little one is great way to get my steps in.  I try to get 10,000 steps in everyday, which could be difficult during the winter months when it’s cold, rainy and windy.  Staying active is the key no matter what you do.  I have been known to run around the house to reach my daily goal.

Keep moving!