Always be ready!

walking the bike trail with the running stroller

Let’s be honest after becoming a mom everything changes.  My time is not my own anymore.  All the free time I had to workout when I wanted to is no longer.

After having a baby I had to wait a couple months before I could start any physical activity.  At least eight weeks after having a C-section but I tried to do too much to fast.  I ran a half marathon 4 months postpartum, it was the most difficult painful run I have ever done.  Lesson learned and I will never make that mistake again.

I was about 6 months postpartum, I had healed and was feeling better so it was time to go back to work.

Managing my new family life and work life left literally no “me time”.

I tried to workout the way I did before having a baby and I failed, I don’t have that kind of time any more.    Well, I came to the conclusion I need to figure out what would work in my “new normal”. That meant being flexible, spontaneous and always being ready!

What always be ready means:

  • Waking up early to run on my own while the rest of the house sleeping.  Be willing to sacrifice a little sleep to run a few miles in morning while the world is still quiet.
  • Getting whole family together to run together.  If the early morning run didn’t happen, don’t throw in the towel. Pack up the stroller and get out there!
  • Being flexible with my workout plan.  Things come up, kids need to run around too. So I’ll go to the park, lung and squat for your life while the kids are playing.
  • Signing up for runs/races to give me something to have to train for.  Race day is my “me time”, no baby, no stroller, no stopping for anything, its all about me!
  • Going to group workouts.  That takes more pre-planning, but I love them too.
  • Take a cycle, yoga or cardio class is a good option especially if there is childcare at the gym.
  • Home workouts are a good option.  They can be done anytime of the day or night.
  • While at work I’ll walk outside and have physical activity competitions with co-workers to keep each other motivated. (Most Steps Challenge or Plank Challenge).
  • On bad weather days go to the mall.  Get up and out of the house and walk around.
  • Take your kid(s) to a children’s venue, chase them around, they get tired and you get a workout.

These are just little tricks that work for me.  Do I wish I could work out more?  Of course I do! Everyone has different work schedules, lifestyles and responsibilities.  Being willing and able to incorporate activity whenever you can is the key (along with eating healthy and drinking lots of water).

Everyone’s journey is different, run your world!

Early morning outdoors stairs workout.

Running on bike trail pushing my baby in my Bob’s running stroller

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