The Beginning

almost to the finish line at the Nike Womens half marathon

I am so excited to start my blog.  This is something that is very near and dear to my heart.  I love to run and its something I’ve worked a lot on and continue to get better at.  I have had ups and downs along the way.  There is so much I’ve learned since I began participating in races.  Having this platform to share with you is amazing to me.

There is so much that goes into races from training, to clothing and shoes.  To food, travel and fun with so many great people.  I have been truly blessed with all the support from friends, family and strangers.  I want to pass all of that one and share with you.

I started this journey in 2011.  Since then I have accumulated so many medals, shirts and other memorabilia from each race.

One of the best runs I enjoyed doing every year with a group of girlfriends was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.  This was a difficult race to get in because the demand of so big.  Every year there were 30,000+ runners coming from everywhere to San Francisco for this race.  Myself along with so many others are so bummed this race is no longer.  Nike and Tiffany & Co. collaborated to have one of the biggest, if not the biggest run at that time.  The last time I ran this race was in 2014, the photos are of that run.  Unfortunately I was unable to run the very last Nike Women’s Half Marathon the next year in 2015, I was very pregnant at that time.

I hold close the fond memories of all my Nike Runs.  I still have all my finisher Tiffany & Co. necklaces, Nike Run sneakers, and matching running clothing.  Good times and accomplishments with my friends are priceless.  All my fellow runners who participated in the Nike Runs still rockin’ their gear can appreciate someone else wearing  their running gear when you’re out and about.

It’s a symbol that we were there and we did that!

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