Workout in the Park

What’s the best thing you can do for yourself? Take care of yourself! Sometimes taking time for you can be difficult when everyone wants your time. All the day to day responsibilities can be exhausting and thankless at times. You might think “I just want to stay in bed and do nothing”. That sounds good but it won’t serve you, don’t let the the day past you by. The best thing to do is get up and get moving. I promise the more you move the more energy you’ll have all day long.

Make it your intention to get up in the morning and exercise. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Try to get up earlier then the rest of your family to have your own morning workout. If your kids wake up and want to go with you bring them. Go to a park near by or school playground. Let the kids run around while you workout. Here are some of the exercises I do:

  • dips
  • push-ups
  • squats
  • mountain climbers
  • box jumps

Do 10 reps of each exercise 3 times. If that is too easy for you try 15 reps, 5 times. These exercises should challenge you, if you need to add more do that. Remember the results get are determined by the effort you give.

Start your new morning routine to feel your best everyday. You have to start somewhere so start here today. You got this!

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Dips on park benchPush-ups on park bench Squats in the parkMountain climbers on park bench Box jumps on park bench

Under Armour is one of my favorites for athletic gear. My cap and shorts are Under Armour.  Zella is another good options for activewear. These socks are the best for running and workouts, I’ve been wearing them for years. APL shoes are my favorite, I own 10 pairs and counting.